doc. Mgr. Lukáš Trakal, PhD.: "The untapped potential of wood biochar for soil retention enhancement"

Faculty of Environmental Sciences Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Ing. Katarína Kotríková, PhD.: "Comparison of the reference period 1961 - 2000 with the period 1981 - 2000"

Department of Surface Water Quantity, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute 


doc. Ing. Jaroslav Vido, PhD.: "Soil water potential dynamics in a forest landscape disturbed by mining activities"

Faculty of Forestry, Technical University, Zvolen, Slovak Republic

Saeid Okhravi, MSc., PhD.: Comparative study of flow resistance in lowland and mountainous rivers

Institute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Dr. George Kordzakhia: "Climate change impact on Georgian glaciers"

National Environmental Agency, 

Tbilisi, Georgia

Dr. Peter Valent: "Hora - national flood risk mapping in Austria"

TU Wien | TU Wien · Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management